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Help Reduce Climate Change By Switching Your Tissue

The issue with our tissue

Did you know Our National  Forests are being cut down at a rate of 27,000 trees a day to make toilet paper - we flush down the drain. Global scientists have now said we will have to plant 300 million trees to reverse the effects of deforestation. This is due to  the released CO2 gases that go back into the atmosphere increasing global warming rates. Indigenous Displacement, Climate Change and Deforestation all takes place when we cut down trees to make wood tissue products. 

How Can You Help?

Make The Switch From Wood To Bamboo Tissue. 

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Show Loved Ones You Not Only Care About Them But The world they Live in

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  • Save The Earths Lungs

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  • Knowing Your Helping Protect Their Planet

Help Us Turn Bamboo Grass


Into This

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And Save Our Planet

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Show The World You Care

Natural is the new color of caring. Get Started

Save The Earths Lungs

Feel Good About Your Tissue Make The Switch Show Now

Enjoy That Feeling

Knowing Your Helping Protect Their Planet Buy Now

Why should you care, did you know?

Canada's Boreal forests are being destroyed to keep up with the demand of manufacturing virgin pulp toilet paper. 

Growing demand for toilet paper is putting an unprecedented strain on Canada’s boreal forest, according to a new report.

The U.S. - based Natural Resources Defense Council says the “tree-to-toilet pipeline” will have severe consequences for wildlife, Indigenous communities and the global climate, if no action is taken.


I just love the convenience, not to mention the fact that I'm doing my part in protecting the environment. Thanks  WipeOnUs.

Daniel Duke

If you are like me, I'm conscious of my foot print I leave behind. 

Mary Lee

I have the freedom to rest assured that my family will always have their tissue needs meet monthly. I'm also showing my kids a good example to follow about reducing our consumption, changing for the better never hurt either. Thanks WipeOnUs.

Dan Boyd

We asked users what the most important factors were, when choosing the right brand

Softness Factor

Dry strength and softness are two of the main desires of toilet paper makers around the globe. Softness is the result of multiple factors, among which are the type of fibres used. We use the best premium tissue paper.

Wetness Factor

The wetness factor describes the strength of the paper tissue when wet. This is one of the most important factors when cleaning in between your cheeks. Bamboo grass is bio-degradable and breaks down easily in our environment. 

No Chemicals

Families all around the world want to ensure they have not been using chemicals on their loved ones or themselves. Wipeonus.com uses an all natural process, we add nothing but mother nature's ingredients.

We Offer The Best Premium Bamboo Brand On The Market

Try us out free for the first month and get your wipe on us.  If you don't like it for any reason just cancel no questions asked. We guarantee it's going to be just as soft as what you currently use. 

No Plastic packaging, show our Planet You Care.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging

WipeOnUs.com is proud to provide no plastic packaging on any of our products. We love our planet and take that responsibility seriously to create a product with no footprint left behind. 

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