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About Us

WipeOnUs.com was started in a small bedroom with just one goal in mind, to reduce global warming by changing the buying patterns of individuals using wood as tissue products. A simple change can create a global difference. Our goal is to become the largest climate conscious ethically sourced alternative tissue products company. That supplies Bamboo and Hemp toiletries to the world. This will eliminate our current reliance on trees. Which reduces up to 2 tons of CO2 from our planet each day!

The current system is a tree to toilet pipeline that literally sees our beautiful National forest being flushed down the toilet. These funnels include manufacture, distributor, grocery store, and end user. We deliver it directly from the manufacturer to the customer, cutting out the handsome profits being made by the middlemen all while protecting our forest and helping switch to a sustainable source for the future generation. WipeOnUs.com's mission is to supply bamboo toilet paper, tissue paper, and paper towel to all who use them. Take action, help us stop climate change. 

We love the fact that customers care about climate change and are willing to make the change. Here is some more information. 

We have just introduced new product lines at low prices, we guarantee we have the softest premium Bamboo tissue products on the market. 

Benefits of Bamboo vs tree or recycled paper. 

Bamboo Grass vs Wood Trees

Bamboo is a grass 😍

Bamboo grows 30* faster than trees.👏

1-2 yrs vs 30-60 yrs😮


Each harvest Bamboo shoot replenish themselves making it a completely sustainable source.   

Bamboo helps stop deforestation unlike recycled or any wood tissue products.  Our processing for bamboo pulp takes less water consumption to produce then the alternatives. We use no chemicals of any kind in our manufacturing process leaving only the natural earthly color tone of our pulp.                    

Our Bamboo is Panda friendly and is not the same as their food source. 

Our Bamboo is farmed therefore we do no damage on any natural Eco systems.

Switching to Bamboo prevents deforestation that releases tons of stored CO2 back into the atmosphere. 

Lower Emissions Therefore Lower Carbon Footprint. 

For our Canadian business, it may seem counter-intuitive, but our current transport emissions are less than what they would be if we manufactured in Canada and road-freighted stock across the country. To test this reasoning, we’ve commissioned an initial analysis of our Canadian business by an external life cycle assessment group. This analysis has included modelling the environmental impacts of three production scenarios:

Producing in China and sea freighting into each port

Producing in Canada and road freighting into the major cities

Producing in Canada and rail / road freighting into the major cities

The analysis included modelling outputs of global warming potentials, particulate matter, land use, and water scarcity. Our operation minimizes road transport emissions as much as possible by shipping directly into the major ports and distributing from there. This is because sea freight miles are 6-10 times less emissions-intensive than road miles.

We can all make small changes to help change our world, become the change you want to see. 

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