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MicroBiome Device

New Mirco Biome App Service

Introducing the newest member of our family. We have a passion to create sustainable communities that have control of their environments. Our vision is to lower climate change by changing the wood to toilet pipe line to a sustainable bamboo tissue.


We also love our communities and want to build healthy lifestyles and give more control to individuals who want to take control of their internal environment. You are what you eat and now you can see how it affects your bodies visually.  How can this be done? With your stool! Stool is the tool that can help communities take control of their health individually then as a whole ecosystem.  Our microbiome device collects information then compares it to a data bank to determine individuals gut health then sends this information back to the user in a friendly interface that gives user a detail picture of how their lifestyle is affecting their health.

 Turn your everyday toilet into a smart toilet that can detect the color, frequency, consistency and overall presence of any mucous or blood in your stool.

 Why is your stool so important, your stool always tells a story, once captured. Your gut health can then be determined and give users a good indication of their health. Dietary and exercise programs can then be determine based on results. 


Stool test can measure:

Bleeding in GI tract

Infection from bacteria, viruses or fungus

Digestive conditions


These images are collected and compared to 1000's of other data points to determine if any abnormalities exist. 

 Users will be notified on a monthly basis how changes to diet or exercise routines have affected their guts and overall health.

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