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Our Why

Growing demand for toilet paper is putting an unprecedented strain on Canada’s National Boreal Forest, according to a new report.

The U.S.-based Natural Resources Defense Council says the “tree-to-toilet pipeline” will have severe consequences for wildlife, Indigenous communities and the global climate if no action is taken. Wipeonus.com is taking action. Help us take action and change the world's dependency on virgin wood paper tissue products. 

Whether you're single, couples or a family, we have the perfect care box for you.  Get Your families tissue needs delivered right to your door all while saving our planet. Feel good about your tissue knowing that every purchase made helps issue like climate change, deforestation and indigenous displacement.  We use no chemicals, or additives of any kind in our process leaving only the natural earthly color tone of our tissue. 

 Eco-Friendly Packaging: We are proud to offer no plastic wrapping on any of our products. We take our responsibility seriously in reducing our footprint on our planet. Thank you for visiting our page from our family to yours. 

Natural is the color of caring!