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24 Pack Bamboo Facial Tissue Boxes

24 Pack Bamboo Facial Tissue Boxes

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šŸ˜€Ā Softest Premium Bamboo Tissue ProductsĀ šŸ‘Ā Safe For All Septic SystemsĀ šŸ˜Ā #LoveOurEarthĀ šŸ’‹Ā Eco- Friendly Sustainable SourceĀ šŸ¤—Ā Love This Soft N Comfortable Tissue, Make The Switch and See For Yourself.

24 Pack Facial Tissue

Earthly colour Tone natural bamboo sheets

Ā Premium Bamboo Facial Tissue Ultra SoftĀ  (100sheets)

Ā No Dye

Ā No BleachĀ 

Ā FSC Accredited